2013 – August Garden Log.

August was a month of harvesting for my little garden. We processed tomatoes, beans, tomatillos, cucumbers, potatoes, herb, did I mention tomatoes? Some stuff got away from us, but overall it was a good month. I did not get anything planted, but I did get my onions picked and set to dry into September. I did not get as many as I would have liked, but I did harvest 100! That is better than nothing I suppose but will not last very long in my kitchen.

I fear it will be another year without a winter garden. I took a chance and started my winter items outside in seed pots. But alas between my forgetfulness when it came to watering and the mission the aphids and caterpillars were on to eat the starts I lost everything.

I find that each year I start out with 12 months of motivation, but by the time June/July/August comes around I have used it all up on my spring and summer garden and the winter garden goes by the wayside. I did make some progress this year and have a good bit of carrots, beets, dill and basil coming out of the late summer garden, but I still have not cleared the hurdle of the 12 month garden. I do, however, have hope that I will get there. I have a plan for next year…will it work? Time will tell.

September holds the task of prolonging life of tomatoes, the peppers, the squashes, potatoes, eeking out the last of the tomatillos and cucumbers, cleaning up any late season berries and beans. Of cleaning up the summer debris, planning the 2014 garden, thinking about the garlic planting to come in October, the cover crops, the beds that will be bedded down with straw, the winterizing.

Happy (fall) gardening everyone!

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