2013 – September Garden Log.

Wet steps with fernsSeptember started out quite warm for us and quickly tapered into expected pre-fall/fall weather. I love fall. It is my absolute favorite. Time to start harvesting the winter squashes and pumpkins, dig potatoes and prepare for winter. The garden continued to give us a good bounty well into the month with daily pickings of beans, zucchini (it never ends!), cucumbers, tomatillos, tomatoes and potatoes. The herbs continued to flourish and both basil and dill continued to fill the kitchen. We picked our first fall beets and fermented them with some ginger and orange for a delightful snack. The carrots continued to grow in their beds and I continued to watch the weather, debating how October would go and when to plant my garlic. And then it started…unexpected bouts of torrential downpours.

I say unexpected, but in fact it is exactly what happens here in the fall (but never this early). The jet stream moves so fast and frequently the weather predictors cannot keep up. The basil quickly wilted and the peppers refused to ripen. But I hold out hope and those silly peppers are still out there, waiting for that week of glorious weather I know we must get! I did get one unexpectedly fantastic fall day on September 26th where the sun warm but the air was crisp and I finally planted some seeds. I planted touchstone gold and Detroit dark red beets, tonda di parigi carrots, monstrueux de viroflay spinach, mizuna, winter red kale, five color silverbeet Swiss chard, and lacinato kale. Better late than never I suppose. They got a day of nitrogen rich rain and then it was to the cloche with them. Covered by thick plastic, ends open for the fresh fall air to circulate, but covered from the very heavy fall rains we have been experiencing.

If you have been with me for some time, you know I am not afraid of failure in the garden. Which is my way of saying that if I planted to late to get a good yield, I will get over it!

Too all of you gardeners out there…

Happy Fall Gardening!!

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