2013 – October Garden Log.

I am of course, behind in getting this post up. Not too much happened in October, just the annual garlic planting. I did a full moon planting for the first time this year on October 18. We got 176 cloves of inchelium soft neck garlic from our seed saved from the June harvest into the ground. Then on the 20th we planted 50 cloves of Turkish giant hard neck garlic. I purchased some hard neck seed because I missed out not having any scapes to harvest for pesto this year. I am not the biggest fan of hard neck garlic…I mean the flavor is good, but it bugs me that the cloves are so small and a lot of the bulb is just the scape. But, I love using the scapes in basil pesto. So I have added some back in to the mix. I will not enough for as much pesto as I would like to make, but come 2015 I will as I will save most of it for seed. 

Overall October was a very dry month. One of the driest on record after a very wet end to September. So far November has proven to be a very traditional November with regards to the weather, but I will be back in early December to let you know how it turns out. For now, off into fall we go!

Happy Fall!

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