2013 – December Garden Log.

happy new yearNothing happened in my garden in November aside from some clean up.

We spent the first part of December in a deep freeze, but just around the solstice the weather returned to a more seasonable temp with drizzling rain, just how we like it in the Pacific Northwest. As I continued to celebrate the change of the sun’s role in the sky I purchased some needed seeds for the 2014 garden and prepared to sow some seeds for my later winter/early spring garden.

12/29 I had a plan to sow these on the 26th, but it was the 29th when I actually got around to setting up my growing station. In all I planted Calabrese broccoli (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), Snowball Self-Blanching cauliflower (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), Giant of Naples cauliflower (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) – new to me this year and is supposed to yield large three pound heads, Early Purple Vienna kohlrabi (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), Winter Red kale (Gathering Together Farm), and another new to me item, Crisp Mint lettuce (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) – which is to yield 10 inch romaine type heads with mint green outer leaves and stark white hearts.

I have some new mizuna varieties, but I am going to wait until a little into January to sow any of them.

Yay for first of the year plantings!!

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