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Weekend Breakfast Wrap Up.

This weekend I made two new breakfast dishes. Neither one of them were my creation, I got them both from Facebook friends and their lovely blogs that I follow. I wanted to pay them homage here as both recipes turned out absolutely great!

The first dish, that I made Saturday for breakfast, was Mel’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Egg Rolls. These little pockets of breakfast goodness were quick to make and easy to eat. I did a variation on the bacon and used sage turkey sausage from the butcher counter and used pepper jack cheese.

Visit Mel at Cooking with Mel for the full recipe!

The second dish I made, for a lovely Sunday breakfast, was Susan’s Cinnamon Roll Popovers from She’s Becoming DoughMessTic. Susan made a goal of making a popover recipe a week for all of 2012, yes 52 new popover recipes to choose from. It just so happens that I got a popover pan for my birthday and was delighted to learn that she would be supplying me with more recipes than I will be able to keep up with. Her very first popover recipe shared this year was this one and I was smitten with it from the start.

Check out the full recipe on the She’s Becoming DoughMessTic page!


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Favorite Dishes of 2011.


Spent Grain Bread.


Fall Chopped Salad.


Smoked Celery Soup.


Veggie Yakisoba.

Veggie Yakisoba!


Pretzel Crusted Chicken Strips.


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Almond Pancakes & Raspberry Sauce.

I have been making a lot of almond milk lately. It all started because I had to stop drinking coffee. My acid reflux was completely out of control and the totally awesome Northwest coffee that I was filling my body with every day was causing it. I went through five months of suffering before I was finally ready to test it out and see if coffee was the culprit. My acid reflux, I mean debilitating, burning pain, was gone within days. Sad day for this girl. I don’t really consume caffeine in other forms, outside of a Red Bull or two on the weekends, so I have effectively cut out all caffeine at this point. What does this have to do with almond milk you ask?

So, to substitute that warm deliciousness that is a cup of coffee in the AM, I started drinking herbal tea. Herbal tea is great and all, but it is not your creamy cup of joe, sort of lacks that exciting punch, if you know what I mean. So needless to say, the cup was lacking something, I am not saying caffeine, just something *looks the other way*. So it must be the milk. And, though I add milk to my coffee, cow milk has always grossed me out. Yes I cook with it, but the drinking of it…meh. So I was seeking an alternative creamy goodness to add to my tea, to help my brain think it was coffee. I checked all of the alternative milks at that the store and they all had ingredient lists as long as my arm, which seemed odd and grossed me out to milk even more. But with luck I had recently started following Savory Simple, and she had just posted an almond milk recipe not a month earlier! AND, I had heard almonds reduce acid reflux, double score.

So, I have been making a lot of almond milk lately. This leads to having a lot of almond meal on hand. I cannot bring myself to throw it away (what a waste of those perfectly beautiful nuts). So I began dehydrating it into meal and storing it in the refrigerator (that is where you keep almond flour, so I just did the same, though I think it would be fine in the pantry). In any case, I needed to do something with it because I now have way too much and this is the recipe I came up with, inspired by one of my lovely FB readers who was having pancakes for dinner.

Almond Pancakes. Serves two.


1 1/4 C almond meal or flour

1/2 C all purpose flour

1 t baking powder

2 T natural cane sugar

1/2 kosher salt

2 eggs

3/4 C milk (I used cow, 1%)

1/2 t vanilla


Combine dry ingredients in a medium bowl. Add wet ingredients and mix with a fork, making sure to fully incorporate the eggs. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before cooking, if batter is thicker than you like, add 1/4 more milk.

Cook in a skillet heated to medium, greased with butter or other oil. When edges are cooked and bubbles have formed, flip and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute more (using a spatula to check for doneness).

Raspberry Sauce.


1 C frozen or fresh raspberries (I used frozen from the garden)

1/2 C water

2 T natural cane sugar

1 T arrowroot powder

Combine raspberries, water and sugar in a small pot. Warm over high heat until mixture reaches a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Add arrowroot powder slowly to dissolve all of it, mixing the entire time. Remove from heat and serve.


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A-Photo-A-Day: Spent-Grain BLETs.

Whole wheat & spelt spent grain bread with bacon, lettuce, fried egg, and tomato!

Related Recipe:

Spent Grain No-Knead Bread. – I made this recipe for the bread, but subbed 2 of the cups of flour with whole wheat and used almost two cups of water.


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Spent Grain Pizza Dough.

The three doughs. See the one on the left, looks like was!

The mad rush to use spent grain continues in our household and dinner guests are excuse to use something else. Friday we had a pizza party for which I make three different pizza doughs. The first was sans spent grain (in case they didn’t turn out!). It was a simple spelt flour and dried thyme dough. I also made two versions of of spent grain dough. One version used regular all purpose flour and spent grain and the other, 10 grain flour and spent grain. I used all purpose flour for kneading in both cases.

The spelt dough was gorgeous and tasty, but it was the first time I did not add wheat flour to it and it fell apart (not enough gluten). So I ended up rolling it in stromboli, which was a hit nonetheless.

The result varied between the two spent grain doughs. The one with 10 grain flour actually turned out more like a crust. I am going to try and make something else with it and if it turns out I will share it later. But the all purpose flour and spent grain dough was a huge hit. I cannot see why I would not add spent grain to all of my pizza dough moving forward. It is a great way to use up a cup of spent grain and it does not change much in the dough, except the color. Very tasty!

All Purpose Flour & Spent Grain Pizza Dough.


1 C warm water (115-120 degrees)

1 T natural cane sugar

2 t yeast

1 t kosher salt

1 T olive oil

1 C wet spent grain (I used crystal 60, chocolate and carafa)

2-3 C all purpose flour + more for kneading


Put water and sugar in a large bowl. Stir to dissolve sugar. Add yeast by sprinkling it over the water. Allow it to proof 5-10 minutes (if it proofs well, it will be foamy, however, don’t worry if it sort of fails and just sinks to the bottom, commercial yeast will be just fine). Add salt and oil. Add flour and mix with a spatula.

Liberally flour your kneading surface (i.e. the counter!). Dump the mixture out onto the counter and knead it, adding flour until it comes together and has an elastic texture. Pull the dough into a ball.

Wash and dry your bowl. Coat with olive oil and put the dough in smooth side down, flip it so that the seams are at the bottom and the oil covered top is facing you. Cover tightly with plastic wrap or a lid. Place in a warm place for at least an hour.

As a note, I make my dough the day ahead now and just leave it on the counter, so it has about 24 hours to rise. This is particularly helpful if your yeast doesn’t proof well.

After allowing the dough to rise turn it out on a liberally floured surface and knead it into a ball. Cover with a towel while you preheat your oven or pizza stone and prep your toppings. When ready, roll it out with a rolling pin and cover with toppings. Don’t forget to put it on the peel before you weigh it down with cheesy goodness!



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A-Photo-A-Day: Spent Grain Carnitas Paninis.

Spent grain no-knead bread, pork loin carnitas, cheddar cheese. Paninied!

Corresponding recipes:

No-knead Spent Grain Bread.

Pork Loin Carnitas. 



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Spent Grain No-Knead Bread.

I am quickly expanding the foods I am making with the plethora of spent grains that brewing beer every week produces. I added it to my first bread this past weekend and the result was great! I love the staple no-knead recipe and I love to alter it. The spent grains fit in quite well here, as did the replacement of most of the all purpose flour with spelt flour. It was so pretty as dough because of the chocolate grians.

Spent Grain No-Knead Bread. Adapted from the New York Times.


2 1/2 C spelt flour

1 1/4 t kosher salt

1/4 t yeast

1 C wet spent grains (I used crystal 60, chocolate, and carafa)

1 1/2 C water, room temperature

1-2 C all purpose flour (for later!)


Combine spelt flour, salt and yeast. Add spent grains and combine. Add water and combine with a spatula. Place in a warm location for 12-24 hours.

Put a liberal amount of all purpose flour on the counter and turn dough out onto it. You will want to continue adding flour as the dough is going to be quite liquidy and thick. Fold the dough over itself over and over until you are able to contain it in a single location. Do not be afraid to continue to add flour, it will likely take quite a bit. Once you have a the dough contained, make sure there is a good amount of flour under and around it and cover with a towel (not terrycloth).

Allow the dough to set for two hours. After 90 minutes put a dutch oven with a lid on it into the oven and preheat to 450 degrees. After 30 minutes, open oven, remove lid, and add dough. Cut top if you want to control the shape of the top of the load. Settle the pot a little to spread the dough and replace the lid. Bake 30 minutes. Remove lid and bake 15 minutes longer.

Remove from oven and pot and place on a cooling rack for at least an hour. I strongly suggest eating this warm with butter!

Related: 10 Grain No-Knead Bread.



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A-Photo-A-Day: Meatloaf Sandwich Panini.

One thick slice of meatloaf, BBQ sauce, fresh part skim mozzarella (not the balls, just not the bagged stuff with preservatives on it), two slices artisan bread. Heaven!!

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A-Photo-A-Day: Breakfast Pockets.

Pizza dough stuffed with scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese. Coat with egg wash and add cheese to the top of each pocket. Bake for 10 minutes (or until golden brown) on a pizza stone in an oven preheated to 500 (reduce heat to 450 to bake). Serve with a white pan gravy.

Corresponding recipes:

Spelt & Whole Wheat Pizza Dough.

Scrambled Eggs.

Basic White Gravy.



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The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing.

A long time ago a very good friend of our started having Thanksgiving dinner with us. From the beginning his contribution was stuffing. It was the recipe his mother always made at home and she provided him with the recipe to continue the tradition. I am not sure of the origins of this recipe outside of that as I only ever received a typed version that she did in Word herself.

But anyway, we simply fell in love with this stuffing and over the years, as our friend as moved on to having other Thanksgiving plans and commitments, we have started making the stuffing ourselves.  I have altered the recipe, as is my habit of doing, to it my cooking style, but the flavors and nostalgia of the stuffing have remained the same.

The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing. Serves 8.


14 oz bag cubed stuffing mix (the original recipe calls for Pepperidge Farms but you could use anything, probably even make your own cubes with the equivalent weight, dried in the oven–I am going to try this soon!)

1 unsalted stick butter

12 oz bulk pork sausage (I use sage breakfast)

2 1/2 C chicken stock

1 t kosher salt

8 oz mushrooms ( I use crimini and chanterelle)

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup fresh cranberries, cut in half

Melt a stick of butter (less one tablespoon) in a big pot over medium heat. Add broth and salt to butter and warm. Remove from heat. Brown sausage until cooked in a large skillet over medium heat, remove from pan and put in the big pot.

Add 1 tablespoon of butter to the sausage fat and add mushrooms, onions and celery. Sauté until onions are soft and starting to turn translucent. About 3-5 minutes.

Add vegetables and cranberries to the big pot. Slowly add stuffing mix, toss gently until the crumbs are moist.

Put the entire mixture into greased 9×13.

Cover with foil and bake at 350° for 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake for 15 minutes more to get a good crust on it.



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