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A-Photo-A-Day: Yard Mushrooms.

Cute as buttons, but I wouldn't eat them!

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A-Photo-A-Day: Water Drops.

This very neat piece of art is in the old Columbia Sportsware headquarters building. The space has become a series of rental spaces for local businesses. It is over 240,000 square feet and has been sub divided into over 200 spaces. Not sure what this piece was doing on display in the hallway of such a nondescript building, but I loved it.

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Early October in the Garden.

Nearly all of the summer veggies have been harvested and their greens pulled for the compost pile. The corn stalks were cut and now adorn the front porch with the pumpkins. The potatoes have been dug and reburied in large totes for keeping throughout the winter. All of the hot peppers were picked and processed, and the list goes on. The fall garden is producing and we are eating kohlrabi and carrots, turnips and mesclun. Winter broccoli is well on its way. The air is crisp and the leaves are starting to turn. All of this means work! Getting the garden ready for winter has never been my strong suit. I just get lazy, but this year is different. I now have my compost in full swing and ready for the leaves I will collect. I have tiny seeds of onion and garlic, shallots and greens in and ready to grow.

Twelve month gardening means I don’t get to be lazy! This month I will winterize and compost the mess of perennials, prepare garden beds, place hoops, and think about the seeds I will start in a short five months.

Until then, let’s just enjoy the beauty that fall has to offer.


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What’s Growing?

Everything. Everything is growing. It is just that time of the season. Winter and Spring veggies and chill. They grow at a slow pace and keep well in the ground. They are relaxed and don’t care for stress. Summer veggies have the exact opposite personality. They are fast paced, high maintenance, and all ripen at the same time, even if you cannot keep up with eating a preserving them. The next time you sit down to a nice broccoli or carrot side dish at dinner, keep this in mind. Appreciate your cool weather crop, savor it. Because before you know it, you are in the foot race to use up or preserve as many tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and peppers as you can. In any way you can.

On another note, my fall plantings are also coming along quite nicely.

Prolific. I have been picking off this bush at a rate of 8 ounces a day for almost three weeks. This is just one little plant, the Sweet Pea Red Currant from Territorial Seed. I am in love!

This year's corn did great. I have full size ears that are fully developed. I will be using fresh seed every year. It makes a difference, I promise.

The lemon cucumber was a little slow to start this year, but we have plenty now!

The one single bell pepper I planted...they usually don't bear a lot of fruit in our cool climate. This one did!!

The Great Pumpkin King came early this year!! What do you mean we have to wait two months for Halloween?

Two delicata plants, twelve squashes. That is a great ratio if you ask me. Minimal garden space used, maximum yield!


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The Small Bits – Version 1.7.

As the garden grows it gets harder to recognize the small bits. Everything is so much bigger, how could it be small!? But then I remember that it was the not size of the end result that so intrigued me the first time I wrote about the small bits, it was the power inside of the plant that forced it to hold on through the winter and grow when I thought nothing could grow. The same principle is being applied to all of my garden friends, all of the time. Growth is amazing even in the most perfect conditions.

If you step back too much with your garden and forget to look at the tiny details you lose some of the beauty that the garden has to offer. Get close to the garden, sit on the ground in the garden and see the little details. Appreciate them, that is what I did this weekend one morning, before the neighborhood awoke, before the hubs awoke, just me and the yard dogs, sitting in the yardin, seeing the small bits.


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May Gardens and Yard Dogs.

Spring has finally sprung in the garden. The beds are in full growth, even the crimson clover finally bloomed bright red flowers and couple of yard dogs! All the small bits from earlier in the year have sprung to life to feed us! There are really only a few truly amazing wonders in this world and the life in the garden is one of them for me.

Enjoy a walk through my yarden as the hubs has lovingly named it! Please excuse and ignore the cat netting you will see….they just won’t stop using the garden as a litter box, so I have netted all of the beds.

Planted last October.

Everything is better with yard dogs! Best helpies around.

Pumpkin, Quinoa, Bok Choi, Radiccio, Broccoli, Butterhead Lettuce, Romaine, Tat Soi.

Peas, Cilantro, Radishes, Beets, Carrots.

Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Delicata Squash, Overwintered Garlic and Elephant Garlic.

Potatoes, Kohlrabi, Broccoli.

Almost ready!


Swimming in lettuce and salad greens!!!




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The Small Bits – Version 1.6.

Oh sweet spring, you are such a temptress!

We are struggling to warm up, as much of the country is. We are having big rains this spring with big looming grey clouds and massive drops of water, wind too. But behold, everything is strong and grows without notice.

The horseradish that I swore would not grow did! A squirrel got one of them but the other two have sprouted. Who knew!

The blueberry is in its fourth year and has more flowers than we have ever seen!

Three years old, the vining hydrangea looks like it will be full of flowers this year.


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The Small Bits – Version 1.5.

A photo montage of growth in the garden as seen by the camera lens on this lovely April morning.





Crimson clover, soon to be crimson


Sigh, spring!

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The Small Bits – Version 1.4.

The growth continues as the weather warms.

The experimental potatoes will not stay underground any longer. They are ready to show their leaves and have asked me to stop covering them back up!

The mesclun and greens are finally picking up the pace, though I am going to have get a little more savvy with the cloches before winter. I want to really watch stuff grow all year…these have sort of pittered and pattered along.

Some updates from inside.

The tomatoes and peppers are growing! Almost real plants on the tomatoes and true leaves coming for the peppers. Also the pumpkins and delicata have broke through and are growing.

Look at the brilliant rainbow quinoa. As gorgeous as the name implies.

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The Small Bits – Version 1.3.

A beautiful photo montage from the hubs. He can make that camera do things that I cannot.


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