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On Why I Blog, My One Year Blogiversary.

When I started this blog a year ago it was out of the sheer need for organization in both the kitchen and the garden. I needed a place to journal my plantings and keep track of what I was doing in the garden and also a place to record recipes. Before the blog I had never made something the same two times in a row, which was becoming challenging as I could never replicate a really good meal exactly. I started by posting recipes on my Facebook page in the notes section, but that was really not doing it for me. That is when the idea of the blog came about. I clearly remember sitting on the couch, brainstorming a name with the hubs.

So, what is The Root Cellar’s Garden? It was a play on words that the hubs came up with that captured all of the things I like to do in the garden and the kitchen. The root cellar must have a garden because it must be stocked from somewhere. That covered the gardening part. The root cellar provides food to the kitchen for the meals that nourish us. That covered the kitchen part. It was a great fit, and since then, I have often been found in the root cellar. The only true problem here is that I don’t actually have a root cellar. It is tragic and we think about options every year. Eventually we will create something. Until then, I use the pantry for my storage, but The Pantry’s Garden just didn’t have the awesome ring that The Root Cellar’s Garden did, and it keeps me motivated to come up with a solution.

To that end, that is why I blog. To have a live journal that enables me to interact with the public. It is not about being right or wrong or making money (I do not intend to monetize this blog, ever), or having the BEST blog. For me it is about just being here. Having an outlet to write and show photos.

The other, and perhaps most amazing thing the blog has done for me is to open my life to a whole world of people via Facebook. I have met the most wonderful people there. I have taught people things I know and learned a world more from the people there. I appreciate the positive interaction, community of learning, and constant flow of information that Facebook has brought to my blogging experience.

I do not know if I will blog forever, surely not here in this space, but I will continue to appreciate the things this experience has brought me. I will strive to make this blog, this space, as good as I can while I am here. Thank you all for being here in the garden or the in the kitchen with me. It has been on helluva time!


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The Capricorn.

While I don’t place much stock in the zodiac, I have always been quite smitten with my sign. I am a Capricorn, in every sense of the word. I understand that horoscopes are written in a very talented way, so that they appeal to the masses and seem true to whomever reads them, but when you boil down the nuts and bolts of the Capricorn sign, it’s me, nearly to a “T”, for better or for worse. I am a Capricorn.

On this day, the anniversary of my birth, as I reflect again upon what it means to be a Capricorn, I am reminded that it is a good thing that my birthday is so close to New Years, a time for resolve and of high hopes for a better me.

I have many positive traits. I am loyal and motivated. I get the job done with confidence. I am dedicated and have passion for things. But, I can also be bossy and pessimistic. I can be difficult to work with or even argumentative.

So in 2012, during this new year of my life, I will again resolve to continue to grow and improve myself. I will also reflect back on 2011. I feel that 2011 was a huge year of growth for me. A renewal of many of my interests and a new found group of passions. I have the blog and my loyal readers, I have the support of my family and my Facebook community, and I have the support and interest of my husband in my gardening and cooking ventures. We have several new friends to show for 2011 and we have more to make in 2012. We have the Portland Timbers MLS team which is not only totally amazing; it is a great door of opportunity for personal growth and a large part of our social life.

I am looking to the next year of my life, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for what it has in store for me. I am ready to leave the less positive and less successful parts of 2011 behind, and to take with me the life lessons and personal improvement I have gained from them. I am ready to take this year head on, so watch out!

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Favorite Garden Photos of 2011.

Some absolute favorites, equally by myself and the hubs. P.S. This is the biggest photo post ever.



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A-Photo-A-Day: The Pioneer Well.

This well is located near the property that the hubs grew up on. He takes me to visit it whenever we are in Northern California. It is so mysterious. The property was once on the stagecoach and we speculate the pioneers dug it. It is also on Wintu Indian land, so we are not entirely sure of the true origin. Either way, I think it is awesome and it makes my brain go wild with ideas. Tragically, the land has been purchased to be subdivided and developed. There may come a day when this piece of history is lost forever.



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I am coming back, I swear.

I will post again, I promise, about the garden, about planting and about food. Not just a fake promise but a real one. I have not abandoned my blog. The two weeks between Christmas eve and my birthday are tough, and this is my first time blogging through it. It goes like this: December 24: Christmas Eve. One week later, December 31: New Years Eve. One week later, My Birthday. Erg. Makes for a strange dichotomy. That is my personal life. This is yours, and a blog. The bottom line, my motivation and inspiration are waning. I will be back, just give me a minute.


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My New Pantry.

I have fanagled my way into a new pantry. I have shared with you all before just how small my kitchen is. I also don’t have a pantry. I have squashes that I am storing in my linen bureau. I have crates of potatoes in my bedroom closet. Bottom line, I am in need of a pantry and today I got one! Well almost, it needs a little work, but the only closet in the house was being used to house our water heater. The water heater is no more and the space is mine! Stay tuned for the final product!




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For the Love of Fall.

I love fall, the autumnal equinox, the harvest. It is the most amazing time of year. Not amazing like the spring when rebirth is everywhere and crazy things sprout from the earth every second of every day. But amazing in a feeling sort of way. Fall makes us nostalgic, reminiscent, cozy. Fall brings fresh, crisp air that I can breathe deeply into my lungs. Fall brings many of our favorite things back to the forefront, things that were hidden away, cloaked by the weight of the summer heat: sweaters, soup, apple cider, all things orange and pumpkiny. I just want to wrap myself up in it.

Happy first day of fall everyone!

The hops are harvested and vines drying.

The corn is gone and processed, now the stalks are drying for Halloween decorations.

The pumpkins are cured and should hold through the fall.

If you look closely you can see that the one on the right has been cured about a week and half longer than the one on the left. See how dark it is?

The buckwheat has gone to seed and is the most wonderful fall colors.

Even the sunflower is done and ready for harvest.


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It is interesting. Growing up I have always had strong passions for activities. It used to be swimming and laying in the sun. Then art, anything creative. Sculpture, found object, pottery, etc. Then there were boys. There was always school and academia. There was snowboarding and cheerleading and… I have always gone from one thing to the next, until roughly 2005 at which time I am not sure what happened. The then boyfriend and I got a dog, and that was cool, we got a house, and that kept us busy, we got married, and that was fun, we knew we liked food and libations, we started gardening (sort of just happened), I was cooking a lot. And then something happened. After being a little frumpy and homebodied for a while, I got my passion back.

Today I have a garden instead of a yard, all year, that produces food, it is a lot of work, work I wish I could do all day long. It grows food that I get to cook, I love to cook, especially with the food I grow. But that is not all. Last year the hubs asked me if I had any interest in getting MLS season soccer tickets. At first, my frumpy brain said, not really. Then after thinking it through for a while, I thought, yes, we can do that. Now, nearly a year later we have renewed our seats (and are trying to expand them!) and we are the biggest freaking soccer fanatics around. We have even started supplementing our MLS games with college games (giving a little back to the alma mater). We root whole heartedly, to the extent that I am very sad the season is ending.

So now, after being lost in the void for a while I have passion for things I love again. Garden, harvest, cook, eat, drink, root. I like that. The other unexpected thing (for me anyway, because I can be dense) is that with having passions, comes new friends. We have met a handful of new people over the last few months. That is refreshing, becasue trying to find new friends as an adult can be challenging.

Anyway, I hope you all have passions, and appreciate them!








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As we contemplate our own mortality we remember those lost ten years ago at the hands of another human. We think about the people we touch and affect each day and we hope we are never to blame for such destruction. Convictions and opinions should never be for ill or harm. Should you feel the need to act on evil, have the courage to see what is right or inflict your pain only on yourself. All actions have reactions. Let’s end the domino effect and realize that killing over politics, religion, and wrong-doings is just irrational and perpetuates the problem. Remember those who have died, in 911 and elsewhere for these reasons and strive to be a better person.

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