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BBQ Salad Dressing.

We just love salad in our house. We have weeks where we will eat salad three or four nights. Every single one of them is different, though they usually include greens, meat or egg, lots of veggies and homemade croutons. They all also contain a homemade dressing. I am not in the habit of writing the dressing mix down or getting it on the blog because it changes every time I make it, but this last one was something special. Special enough to share for your noshing pleasure too!

BBQ Salad Dressing. This makes enough for a large salad for two people.


1-2 T of your favorite BBQ sauce

1 t apple cider vinegar

1 t olive oil

a pinch of kosher salt

a pinch of fresh cracked black pepper

1/2 t honey or agave

water if it is too thick (I used about 1 t)

***the amounts of each of these may vary based on the BBQ sauce you choose. If the sauce is really vinegary, you will want to adjust the vinegar addition down. The same can be said for the honey and pepper. Add in small amounts and taste often!


Combine with a fork until oil is completely mixed in.



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Kohlrabi & Cabbage Slaw.

I have cabbage and kohlrabi coming out of the garden right now and even though cole slaw is one of those traditional dishes that epitomizes summer cook outs, it seems fall is a great time to make such a dish with garden veggies. Both the cabbage and kohlrabi were seeded in early July and planted outside in late August. The kohlrabis have been ready each week for the last three or four weeks, but the cabbage finally produced a head! Only one so far, but the rest are not far behind (those that made it through the rash of bugs we have had).

To accompany a lovely tri-tip steak this past Sunday evening we had this lovely slaw and some simply roast fingerling potatoes. It is just a little bit of summer as we head full boar into November!

Kohlrabi & Cabbage Slaw. Serves 2-4.


1 small head of cabbage

1 medium kohlrabi

2 medium carrots

2 T sour cream

1/4 t celery salt

1/4 fresh cracked black pepper

1 t cider vinegar

1 t lemon juice

2-3 oz crumbled blue cheese, optional

Peel kohlrabi and carrot and core cabbage. Shred all three vegetables using a hand grater or the grater attachment for the food processor. Transfer to a tea towel and squeeze out any excess liquid. Place in a medium mixing bowl.

Make dressing in a small bowl by combining all remaining ingredients except cheese, adjusting seasonings to taste as needed. Add dressing and cheese to the vegetables and mix to combine. Refrigerate until serving.


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