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Breakfast “Burgers”.

Last week we had some sausage biscuits for breakfast at a local bakery. The biscuits were amazing and buttery and made you want to eat more and more and more. The idea was awesome, the sausage was more like a burger than an accoutrement to the larger and greater good. It was good, moist, and delicious, but it overpowered the biscuit, cheese and egg enough that I removed it from the sandwich.

That said, the hubs thought we should try this one out at home…and so we did. We used the Como bread from the same bakery that had the original on hand! The bakery is called Grand Central Bakery and it wonderful and all over Portland and Seattle. Their Como is amazing, a standard artisan bread, but oh-so-much better and as described by the bakers themselves, “an Italian-style white with a golden, nutty crust and chewy interior”!

This recipe is for two sandwiches.


1/2 lb bulk breakfast sausage (I used sage pork sausage)

4 slices artisan bread (use the highest quality you can find)

4 slices cheddar cheese

2 eggs

2 T chives

Cooking spray

Set out bread slices and place one slice of cheese on each slice. Form the sausage into patties that replicate the shape of your bread. Cook patties in sauté pan over medium heat and remove from pan when no longer pink. Place patties on one slice of bread for each sandwich. Keeping pan at medium heat, crack eggs into pan and cook over easy. Cook the eggs in the sausage fat, or remove with a paper towel and use cooking spray. Sprinkle half of the chives over the eggs while they cook. Put one egg on each sandwich. Sprinkle the rest of the chives over the sandwich sides.

Preheat panini pan over the medium heat of the burner. Put the sandwich sides together carefully, so as not to break the yolks. Place on the panini pan and put down the lid. Take care not to push to hard as the weight of the lid will crush the yolks on their own. Cook over medium heat for 3-5 minutes on each side (depending on how hot your burners are).


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