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Cinnamon & Sugar Kamut Flour Pancakes.

As we continue our whole grain journey we have taken to looking for them everywhere. This past weekend we stopped at one of the farmer’s markets near our house. We were not interested in veggies because we are currently swimming in lettuce, radishes and other greens, but rather we were looking for other local goods. Cheese, grain, meat. We did good too…we left with some locally crafted goat cheese, kale and flax chips, and kamut flour pancake mix.

Now you might remember that we just ventured into the world of kamut about two weeks ago. But it was love at first sight. The berries are like popcorn. Once cooked you can just pop them into your mouth and they are quite delightful. So you can imagine that when we ran into this great pancake mix from a local farm/mill just 15 miles away we had to try it out.

We made these for dinner, though they are sweet and are really the perfect weekend breakfast.


1 batch of kamut flour pancakes (not sure the ratios of the mix, but it has kamut flour, sugar, baking powder and sea salt in it and I bet it would be easy enough to use the same mix as with regular pancakes)

To make the batch of mix: Combine 1 1/2 C of kamut flour pancake mix, 1 C milk, 1 egg, and 2 T oil together and let the mix rest for 5 minutes.

You will also need butter (for cooking and putting on the pancake when it is done), 3 T sugar and 1 t cinnamon. Combine sugar and cinnamon. Cook pancakes in butter, top with butter and sprinkle with sugar mixture. Serve with some savory pork or turkey breakfast sausage.


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